Changes in your loved one require action

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Have you noticed a change in a loved one’s health?  Do they need help more often? Are they forgetting to do everyday tasks such as checking the mail, showering, or stocking their refrigerator? 

If you are concerned, you should seek support sooner than later.

If your loved one is forgetting things that they normally would not, it’s time for a trip to the doctor. A thorough medical evaluation will help pinpoint a diagnosis. Getting an early diagnosis of a disease can have its benefits:

  • Early treatment can be effective;
  • Learning about an illness can help you be better prepared.

Talk with your loved one about their finances.  Consider meeting with an elder law specialist along with your loved one. Meeting with someone who knows the laws regarding elder care and aging adults is beneficial for you and your loved one.  You will be more at ease knowing more about your role as a caregiver and your loved one will be comfortable knowing their finances will be taken care of and their health wishes will be honored.

Don’t try to do everything alone.  If there are other family members, invite them to come together to discuss your loved one’s care.  It is good to let everyone discuss their concerns and offer what help they can.

If there are no other family members or if no one is willing to help, support services can assist you. Knowing about these services early on will help ease the anxiety you may be feeling.   Support groups are a great place to meet other caregivers who may have the same concerns you do, and you may be able to provide them with helpful information. You don’t need to feel isolated. There are many resources to build your confidence in your role as a family caregiver.

Northern Arizona Resources:

Area Agency on Aging – NACOG                                                                             Flagstaff: (928) 213-5215

Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority                                  Flagstaff: (928) 774-7128

Arizona Caregiver Coalition                                 1-888-737-7494

American Red Cross – Family Caregiver Training Program                              1-800-733-2767

Joe C. Montoya Senior and Community Center                                                    Flagstaff: (928) 774-1068